Piglet Hair Close Up


Calicocean Breeder's Association

Why Raise Homesteading Hogs?

Top Ten Reasons:

  1. Local food security for your family and community.
  2. Healthier, nutritious foods, rich in readily soluble vitamins.
  3. Piglets are cute and fun.
  4. Food efficient hogs require less commercial food to raise - more pig less feed.
  5. Helpful hogs root up stumps, till soil, naturally devours undesirable plants, improves soil nutrients.
  6. Staying home more lately? Raising pigs is not just a fun hobby but can supplement income while reducing your retail grocery costs.
  7. Convert your excess garden scraps into nutritious food.
  8. Help keep predators away from your pets, poultry and other animals.
  9. A fun family experience for learning at home.
  10. Bacon... in moderation.

Three Strips of Bacons