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Calicocean Breeder's Association

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Homesteading Hogs

Two Sows

Breed Qualities:

  • Lower Feed to Weight Ratio
  • Superior Foraging
  • Medium Fat Ratio
  • Darker Richer Meat
  • Friendly and Intelligent


What is a Homesteading Hog?

What are target attributes of Calicocean Hogs?

How do you name your sub breeds?

What are your sub breeds?


Momma Nursing Litter of Piglets

Group Goals:

  • Working together
  • Local food security
  • Sharing data for better results


What is this association all about?

Can we produce enough food to feed our family?


Piglets in Sunny Morning

Available to Order:

  • Piglets
  • Bred Sows
  • Breeding Stock
  • Training Consultation - Slaughter / Fencing / Habitat / Structures


Piglet Learning

Coming Soon:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Instructional
  • Training Teaching
  • Natural Methods
  • Habitat Design / Equipment


Why Raise Homesteading Hogs?

New to rural life? Can I raise pigs?


Vancouver Island

West Coast - Salish

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