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Calicocean Breeder's Association

Current Sub-breeds of Calicocean Hogs

Orca Piglets Nursing

Mark 1: The Orca Hog

Orca Piglets Nursing

Mark 2: The Leopard Hog

Orca Piglets Nursing

Mark 2b: Sorrel Swine

The Ongoing Adaptation of Homesteading Hogs

Calicocean Hogs are not all the same. We currently have two or maybe even three sub-breeds, the Orca Hog, the Leopard Hog, and Sorrel Swine (which may just be a rare colour mutation of the Leopard Hog). In the next few years we intend to create two more. We have a focus to develop the best Homesteading Hogs, and so the breeding and testing continues. We are looking to develop specific qualities in these pigs, and while they are already much better than modern factory pigs, we can still work to develop an even better homesteading hog.