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Calicocean Breeder's Association

Target Characteristics / Attributes

We have been working to achieve a favourable Homesteading Hog Breed for our local regional and climate here on Mother Earth for several years.

From the prior experience raising commercial pinks in small scale, outside, pasture setting we learned that the characteristics that these hybrid animals display are not suitable for this style of farming.

This drives the desire to collaborate with others, to share our experiences and learn from each other to develop a unique sub breed that will help others in our local economies go about the business of earning their livings.

This sub breed we call the Calicocean Hog, And this is not an end goal, but is a continuous process that will adapt to the changes towards better.

Size and Aptitude

  • Medium sized hog 400-500 lbs in 1 Year
  • High piglet litters
  • Natural instincts
  • Protective resistant to predation
  • Friendly with other domestic animals

Quality of Pork

  • dark meat with full flavour
  • medium fatty ratio
  • Great source of Vitamins
  • Similar to Ossabaw Island Hog

Working and Feeding

  • Low feed to weight gain ratio
  • Good forager
  • Land clearing
  • Works with friendly humans

Tuned to Local Environment

  • Comfortable with very dry summers and wet winters
  • Higher salt tolerance
  • Comfortable outdoors in pasture, clearing forest

Social Characteristics

  • friendly towards quiet humans
  • retreats in fear from loud humans
  • Happy with human touch
  • Gentle careful and protective parents
  • Calm, playful, and curious