Calicocean Breeder's Association

Welcome all!
Interested in raising your own Hogs?

Launch date Fall 2021. We are new and eager to work together helping re-associate families with their food.

Please feel free to scroll and click about our website to learn more about us and also how you can start an adventure raising your own pigs.

Our Mission

To promote and support human-scale agriculture, primarily through the development, nurturing, and stewardship of the sub breeds of the Calicocean homesteading hogs.

Group Goals

To develop and refine a family of unique sub breed of hogs suitable for being raised in small numbers on local homesteads that will help support families and communities with enhanced local food security, efficiency, health and wealth. Our homesteading hogs will be friendly, independent foragers and food efficient. These hogs will be able to help you clear land, consume leftover food and create community.

Working Together

Is it time to start something new? Is it time to work and eat better foods at home? We are looking for like minded people who want to help us develop our homesteading hogs and learn together. We have no Chairman or CEO, just farmers and folks heading in the same direction. Add your diversity to our accord will grow a stronger community.