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Can we produce enough food to feed our family?

It sounds so easy and so overwhelming at the same time. Producing your own food is certainly work … but it is freedom too. Realistically, it is probably about trying to get to 75% of the food you eat coming from your production, and then your trade with your neighbours too - understanding that you just can’t produce some things locally and that isn’t a failure.

bacon frying

Still, a more interesting, and more difficult, goal is to produce and trade maybe five times the food your family can eat. The returning value in that scenario is probably great enough to “pay for your whole modest life” – no more working away from home, no more commuting. Many traditional jobs seem to be drying up now anyway. So, smart people are evolving.


Not only can you easily grow more pork than your family can eat (variety is essential to a healthy lifestyle and pork every day is overkill ... well maybe not … bacon with breakfast – a ham sandwich at lunch - pork lard in that flaky pie crust at dinner – that’s every meal). Still, you can probably trade enough pork with your neighbours, so that you have enough other meat, poultry and fish choices to fill the week. Moreover, all of your garden endeavours will be substantially more productive, if you add significant amounts of pig manure to the compost pile.

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato

Now, with California, who is the biggest food producer on the continent, running out of water (their produce is expected to be down 30% this fall), billionaire bullies buying up the best midwestern farmland, and suddenly daylight crime waves hitting big cities, it feels like time it’s to take more responsibility for our personal food supply. Don’t think of it as going it alone. Consider that maybe it is time to ramp up your community interaction with like-minded people. Good luck.

BLT sandwich